How can you provide practical support for a mum in need?

A kind gesture for a mum in need

Life with a toddler can be hilarious, full of laughs and happy tears. But sometimes, it is isolating, difficult and demanding. Here is one story from the Belfast House which shows the impact one kind gesture can have for a mum of a little one...

“We have a Polish client with a two year old. She’s been feeling very down over the last couple of weeks. We contacted a local church for some additional support as they have been very supportive to us at times. Within a couple of hours, the associate Pastor himself brought a £25 Tesco voucher, nappies and a lovely bunch of flowers for mum. She was very emotional at the kind gesture.”
Sometimes, one thoughtful gesture is all it takes to help lift someone’s black cloud. This can give them the motivation to keep on fighting. Because, no matter how strong we are, we can always do with a helping hand. Whether it’s a kind word during a baby tantrum in public, or a cup of tea and listening ear – our actions matter. Emotional and practical support are vital for us all!
Here at Life, we’re committed to providing practical support to women, children and families. With the help of wonderful supporters, we are working in the community and online to be there for hundreds of women, children and families every month. So here are a few questions to challenge you:
Is there anything you can do this week to support a mum with young children?
Has anyone done an act of kindness for you whilst you were struggling with a small one?
Post a comment below!
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