“We’re getting in touch 14 years later because we wanted to give back”

One beautiful phone call really brightened my day today:

14 years ago, a young expectant mum was facing a dilemma, she didn’t know which way to turn. Thankfully she was directed to Life’s services. Along with her mum, she visited our house in High Wycombe and we offered her a range of equipment needed for the arrival of her baby: a cot, a highchair, a baby bath and lots of clothes. Providing such equipment at no cost is the least we can do for pregnant women in challenging circumstances, but the impact it can have is just beautiful.

I spoke to her mum today. And she’d got in touch with Life because they wanted to donate lots of baby clothes back to Life.

She said:

“It was my daughter’s idea to get back in touch with Life.

We didn’t just want to give them to a charity shop, but make sure they went to women who might be desperate.”

She spoke fondly and emotionally of her daughter’s challenge of being a young mum and of her five grandchildren, who have all gone through the clothes and equipment Life gave them.

“It was a lovely brown mother-care cot – and very gratefully received…now all five of my grandchildren have slept in that! It’s just the baby bath that didn’t quite last for all five – she chuckled – and that’s because my clumsy son-in-law knocked it off the bath and broke it before the fifth came along!”

What was most moving was hearing about the little life which had been such a nerve-wracking surprise all those years ago for this family. 14 years later and the scary new addition to this family is treasured and was spoken about with such pride by his grandmother.

I was told this little man was about to turn 14, was doing very well at school and was a good and happy boy. He’s in the middle of completing the Duke of Edinburgh Challenge, helps out his granddad with football training, and loves cycling. He’s so active. And wonderfully, he also has a 7 year old little sister, too.

What a privilege it is to be part of the story of so many families.
What a delight it is to hear these updates of good news, years later.
How wonderful the world is, seeing kindness paid forward.

I want to thank this family, so warmly and sincerely, for remembering, for getting back in touch, and going the extra mile, so that other mums who are just starting out on this adventure of motherhood are supported in their needs. And I want to thank you for choosing life even when it felt so challenging.

Warmest wishes to your whole family and thanks for sharing your story.



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4 people are talking about “We’re getting in touch 14 years later because we wanted to give back”

  1. Mrs Emma Green says:

    yes, quite. I love that Life do so much to help young mums. I don't have children myself (unless you count my beloved cat!!!!) but my husband and I both support Life and promote it's work wherever we can.

    1. Life says:

      Thank you so much for your support, Emma! We love hearing these stories too and it means a lot to know we have you and your husband behind us as we help to create a world where no one faces pregnancy or pregnancy loss alone 🙂

  2. Mary Hogan says:

    What a lovely story - one story like this is worth all the effort by Life and its supporters

    1. Life says:

      Absolutely, Mary! Amazing to hear back after all these years and see the impact that help can have on so many generations. Just warms the heart <3 Thank you for your support.

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