Jenna’s story

A rupture of the membranes essentially means a breakage of the amniotic sac – more commonly referred to as ‘”breaking of the mother’s waters”. If a PPROM occurs before 37 weeks the unborn baby and mother are at greater risk for complications. Dilemma Jenna had been told by her doctor that the best thing to do in… Read more »

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Shelly’s story

Shelly arrived at one of our Life houses when she was around five months into her pregnancy. She was fleeing from both domestic and financial abuse. As the trust between Shelly and our housing support worker developed, Shelly told her story of how through the loss of her first baby to SIDS, the manipulation from… Read more »

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Joe’s story

He explained that he felt loss and every morning since the termination he lay in bed and cried. He said that he knew he did not have a right to feel such overwhelming grief because it had not “happened to him” but that is what he was feeling. Joe went on to explain that he… Read more »

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