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Interview with a Life House volunteer

An insight into volunteering with Life.

Littlehampton Volunteer

How long have you been a volunteer with Life?

I had my first session in the house in April 2021 so around nine months. 

How did you hear about the volunteer role?

Through my church – there was an advert in our newsletter asking for volunteers for specific roles in our local Life House so I asked for my details to be passed on. Then I met up with the Support Worker to have a chat about what it would involve and we went from there.  

What do you most enjoy about volunteering in the Life House?

I’ve really enjoyed simply spending time with the women and the children, chatting about how they are getting on and watching the children grow and develop. I also like the feeling of playing even a small part in something that is making a positive difference to their lives. 

What has been your best moment?

One moment I remember is when we were doing a play activity that I had prepared for the women and children to do together. One of the children was a little unsure to begin with and took a while to join in but after a while she really got stuck in and you could hear the pride in her Mum’s voice as she watched her do something new – as a Mum myself I know that little moments like that can create special memories so it was nice to part of that! 

How has the role impacted you?

I have found the courage and strength of the women I have met really inspiring and motivating. Being in a supported house environment, the enjoyment I got from it and the welcome I received encouraged me to apply for employment in a similar setting and I believe that the experience I got from volunteering contributed to me being successful in that! 

What would you say to anyone considering applying to be a volunteer with Life?

Definitely take the step to find out more and have a chat to someone about how you could get involved. It doesn’t have to be a huge time commitment and it could open up a whole realm of experience and opportunity. Life is a fantastic organisation to be part of and you will get a lovely welcome! 

What the Support Worker (Francesca) said

Volunteering works both ways, its not always just beneficial for the clients but also for the person volunteering. She has been a joy to have in the house, full of ideas and encouraging the clients to try news things and opening their eyes to new opportunities.”

What one of the Life House mums said

“She gave us lots of help and some really good parenting tips.” The volunteer has just secured a job working in a women’s refuge and the Life House mum said, “We wish her luck in her new role, they are very lucky to have her!”

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