Kelly’s story

Hello my name is Kelly, I live in one of the houses which is supported by Life. Without the support of this charity and support workers I wouldn’t of known where I would be now nearly three years down the line I’ve have so much support and help , which I am so grateful and all this wouldn’t be possible if it wasn’t from all the lovely kind donations that the Life house received. They are able to help so many mothers and families though hard times and give them the choice and freedom to achieve anything with all the support they need.

I am so thankful for the donation that we have just received and to know how many people life’s will now change because of this is amazing , without your donations the life house charity wouldn’t be able to help as many people. With the donations that we receive we are able to maintain the support within the life house charity , able to take on more mothers, able to maintain property’s so more family’s have a place to come for support , and it gives me and many mother the reassurance that the life charity will be here to help for many more years even when you feel your ready to move on they will still be there if you need advice and support .

I would like to thank everyone from the bottom of my heart who has helped with donations and support for Life without you Life wouldn’t be able to reach out and support mothers and family’s. I am great full to life house for everything they did for me and have done for the last nearly three years I’ve become a strong women and my independent has rocketed with the support from this charity I know I will be moving on and leaving life house charity soon but I know they will always be here for me and my family for many years after Incase I need a little support . Thank you so much again for the donations you have really changed people’s life’s for the better .

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