Ladeon’s story

If it wasn’t for the Life house I would probs be in a B & B. I am so thankful there’s some where like this to help people. Living in the Life house has really helped me out, I had trouble with trying to get housing benefit as they said I wasn’t entitled to it, if it wasn’t for the support worker I wouldn’t have known what to do! they helped me write on appeal letter and that helped me because I ended up with getting housing benefit, I also had trouble with getting child tax credit they told me I wasn’t entitled to it so the SW helped me write on appeal letter and I won my appeal also I got a back payment. The SW in the Life house have helped me out a lot, they helped me with money problems also helping with cooking from scratch. They have also built my confidence up as I had never been to a toddler group and if it wasn’t for them I wouldn’t have ever gone to one, the SW give you the best advise they can and the advise they do give helps out so much. The SW are so kind and caring making sure everyone is happy also trying to help you out as much as they can. They plan days out which I think is brilliant weather it’s with children or without. I am so thankful there are houses like this I couldn’t imagine where I would be if there wasn’t houses like this. Thank you.